Organizations Metamorphosis using a topographic* perspective



Nhomadbiz has developed a cross cultural expertise at developing stakeholders engagement and ownership within complex contexts.

Are you looking at developing the sense of ownership of a new strategy or value system? Do you all agree on "what" needs to be done, but do not really see "how" to cascade whilst creating ownership and commitment? Are you looking a implementing a campaign and would like to ensure alignment as to where the company is going?
Do you feel the company needs to develop a customer centred approach?

Nhomadbiz, as a team of business, life and thoughts explorers, has embraced, just like the nomadic people have done throughout history, the mission of up lifting and empowering the societies we encounter, with innovative thinking processes, inventions and ways of doing things, while remaining results driven.

We work across all levels of your organisation at creating the enabling conditions for your strategy, campaigns and objectives to be implemented, whether it be though facilitating, training, creating symbolic events, boosting internal communications, questioning "unspoken" internal standards or market positioning.

contact for info-sarah@nhomad.biz

  * A description or an analysis of a structured entity, showing the relations among its components